JAM Youth

4th - 6th Grade Youth Group JAM Events at St. Luke's 

No Jam Youth activities until September. Thank you for the excellent attendance and an awesome year! Thank you to all who help out faithfully each year!

4th- 6th Grade Youth Group JAM Events at St. Luke’s 2023-24

Welcome new 4th Graders! Welcome back the rest of you! We thought you might like a schedule of the whole year so you can plan ahead. Please keep this note on the family bulletin board or some place you can find it so you can encourage your child to attend each month. Friends are welcome and you are always welcomed to join your child also! Meetings will be the 1st Wednesday night of the month and will meet at church from 6:30-8pm unless otherwise specified. If your child needs a ride to any activity, please call: Anne Gran 762-2684, Rondi or John Wussow 834-3180, Georgia Nelson 320-760-3455, Stacy Kvilhaug or Dale Witikko. We will give rides or help find someone who can. We are the advisors for the year.

The objective of youth group is to build Christian habits and self-esteem through fellowship, service and faith building activities. We are a Christ-Centered ministry program that will help our youth rejoice and grow in Jesus’ friendship…” Our name is JAM – Jesus and Me! Our devotions this year will be about PRAYER. Each meeting will focus on different aspects of prayer. We will be talking about the reason and the power of prayer, people to pray for, places we can pray, types of prayer, and the Lord’s Prayer.

October 11 - (THIS IS THE 2ND WEDNESDAY OF THE MONTH) We will have pizza at 6:30. Devotions on the Lord’s Prayer. Making a project to remember the Lord’s Prayer.

November 1 - We will be making our Faith Partner gifts for Christmas. It is very important to be at this meeting when we make the gifts so your child will be able to do the visit between Thanksgiving and Christmas. I make contact arrangements and usually pick up the kids after school and then bring them home when we are done. Pizza at 6:30. Devotions will be about people we should be praying for.

December 6 - Pizza at 6:30. Devotions on prayers of thanksgiving. Thrivent project to thank school bus drivers.

January 3 - Pizza at 6:30. Devotions on praying for the weak and for ourselves. Game night and food!

February 2-3 FRIDAY-SATURDAY sleep over at Church. 7pm-9am. Bring a snack to share (we will be providing caffeine free beverages). We will be working on our Faith Partner's gift for Easter. A late night snack of pizza and a morning breakfast of homemade caramel rolls, fruit and juice will be provided. Easter gifts will be delivered individually before Easter. We will also be making Valentines to send to our Faith Partners. Busy night!

March 6 - Serve a Wednesday Night Lenten Supper- 4:45- 7:00 and worship from 7-8pm. Each family will be asked to provide food for this one and only fundraiser that JAM youth do each year.

April 3 - Pizza at 6:30. Devotions on how God’s Word gives us answers to our struggles and help in our times of need. Make a prayer book.

May 1 - Pizza at 6:30 and then we will be doing Cemetery clean up for St. Luke’s Cemetery. Wear appropriate clothing for outside work. Ending time at the normal 8pm time.