5-10-20 Sermon

Psalm 146; 1 Peter 2:2-10; John 14:1-10

Let us pray: Dear Heavenly Father, You make the minds of Your faithful to be of one will. Please grant to Your people that we may love what You command and desire what You promise even among the manifold changes of this age. Through Your HOLY SPIRIT, please open our hearts and minds to Your Word, granting us a renewed and strengthened faith, which we might find comfort in Your grace, and hope for the future. This we ask in Jesus’s holy name. Amen.


Do you live a fulfilled life? What is secure or safe in your life?

Media constantly bombards us with the promises of a better life, an easier life. Many people buy into it thinking if I had:

• More money • A happy family • A secure job • Good education • An investment portfolio I’d have an easy life. All these things have the potential to bring us some benefits. But are they guaranteed? Can you absolutely rely on them to give you a secure life?

Believe me when I tell you, completely relying on any of these for a better life….will guarantee disappointment.


If we put our trust solely in the things God has created-- rather than trusting God Himself, we will be disappointed.


The disappointment may not be immediate, but it will definitely happen.


Relying completely on something or someone other than God is dangerous and self-centered. Self centered people are never content, and will do almost anything to get what they believe will give them a better life.


Some will work hard at the expense of personal relationships; some will lie, cheat, steal, deceive—even their loved ones, to get what they think is a better life…even if it’s at the expense of someone else.


A self-centered—narcissistic life does not include God, which is evidenced by the manner in which they live their lives.


Jesus says there is a better way…. trust in God…trust in me! You might wonder how can Jesus say this? Doesn’t He see what’s happening in our world?


He most certainly does see our world, and he knows the difficulties we experience. Jesus doesn’t just make these promises and leave us stranded.


Jesus has already done all that is needed for us to have a secure life in Him. Only Jesus can lift us out of an empty life—but we must place our trust in Him.


The Gospel text from John 14 tells us this life is worth more than gold or silver. Life in CHRIST is all-inclusive. Jesus Himself is preparing a place for you. There is room for every believer. Real life is available to every person who trusts Jesus.


So pastor, it doesn’t appear to me that a Christian’s life is any better than anyone else’s. Christians suffer. In fact it looks like some people benefit from not being Christians….Christianity is not an instant fix it to all our problems.

We still need to work. We still need a place to live, food to eat, family and friends. People we love will become ill or even die. However as Christians, these things do not control our lives. They are part of life….but not the final outcome.

As Christians we focus on Jesus because He is the key for the very best life. Walking with Jesus means:

  • Living a life where challenges, disappointments and failures are not God’s judgments, but times when we experience Jesus in a deeper, more intimate way,

  • Living a life where love and forgiveness are daily demonstrated in great and small ways,

  • Living a life where sacrificial love, kindness, gentleness, self-control, is obvious and abundant.

  • Living a life with the sole purpose of witnessing to God’s love and grace to everyone around us.

  •  Living a life where we use our gifts and talents to serve God by serving others.

The good life in CHRIST is now, not just some time in the future. Today’s Gospel happened before Jesus was arrested, tortured and crucified. He was preparing the disciples for what was about to happen to Him—namely his death and resurrection. He was already preparing a place for them, not just after death, but a place—a life right now. We are in Jesus very presence right now.

Being in the presence of Jesus started in Holy Baptism when we were brought into the family of God, into His household of faith. Our focus is on Jesus, listening to Him, following Him, and trusting Him above all else.

Trust in Jesus means we spend time with Him in prayer, in scripture, by willingly serving others in His name.  We will come to know a loving God who welcomes us, who forgives us, who loves us. Jesus not only promises us an abundant life, He does everything needful so that we can have abundant life now and forever.  Amen

  June 2020  
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